Webinar recording: Is 2024 the year you finally improve your end-user IT

Is 2024 the year you finally improve your end-user IT?

There is a shift going on in IT from being business-centric to end-user centric. You may have heard the term Digital Employee Experience (DEX). DEX is on the rise and becoming a critical focus for companies and their IT leaders.

As business becomes more competitive, retaining exceptional staff becomes more challenging. And as profit margins are being squeezed, it is no wonder that the digital employee experience is becoming a central focus for company of all sizes – no longer contained to the larger enterprises. 

It is almost like there is reawakening to how important a well-working computer environment is for end-users. 

In 2024, we predict a further shift away from business-centric IT to end-user centric IT where the end-user experience is prioritised as a critical benchmark for the success of the company.  

In a recent study by leading IT industry analytics firm Enterprise Management Associates, they found that each employee is impacted by an IT issue 18 times per week! Clearly, this is a significant problem that needs to be addressed.

In this webinar, we’ll get you up to speed on everything happening in this space including:

  • What Digital Employee Experience (DEX) is and why it matters to all companies
  • Key players and solutions in the DEX market
  • Your DEX maturity level: see how you compare against competitors and the industry at large
  • 10 things to check first to improve your end-user IT experience


Who is this webinar for?

Pragmatic, no-nonsense IT teams who are interested in taking their end-user IT from good to great.

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