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The easy way to see how computers and software are serving your employees

Applixure automatically gathers & organizes your data in an easy-to-use graphical interface


You may already have some systems management software that “gathers data.” But most likely, you're not checking it daily or even weekly because the data is not presented in a useful way.

Applixure, on the other hand, is designed to automatically gather and organizes the data you need into easy-to-read dashboards. Our interface is one of the things that our customers love most!

Get Applixure to gather and automatically organize your data

Instantly see the where issues lie, and and get a view of the overall state of your employees' computers and software


When you log in to Applixure, you see the top priorities and the overall state of your computers and software at-a-glance.  And the data is always kept up-to-date.

Applixure alerts you to the most significant issues: with devices, software, performance and security. And you can drill into the details with a click.

Instantly see the top priorities and overall state of your employees' computers and software

Dig into the details with just a few clicks


Click on an issue to see the devices or software affected, and drill down to see what’s causing it. Or just create a ticket about the issue, so your team knows to fix it.

You can copy-paste the device IDs and/or software versions affected into the ticket, so they know exactly where to look to fix things quickly.

All the details you need—with a few clicks

Watch employee satisfaction go up, and the number of HelpDesk tickets go down 


The visibility that Applixure provides will enable your IT team to proactively address issues in your computer environment - before they affect employees' work. 

And as you become more proactive, you will notice that Service Desk calls go down.

Some of our clients have been able to move over half of their Service Desk staff to development roles because the number of tickets has gone down so much thanks to the visibility that Applixure brings.

See the scores go up and the number of tickets go down

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Trusted by over 1000 companies & managed service providers

“Ask yourself this: can you really afford not to take a look at a solution like Applixure? Data is king today, and if you know how to make use of it, you will have a competitive advantage. And if your competition is using a tool like Applixure and you are not, then you are really making life difficult for your business.”


Marko Nousiainen

Head of Sales, Global VoiceLink (MSP)

“Implementation was really simple and easy. We have centralized deployment for pushing out software to the Laptops. Once the agents were installed, we waited a few days for the data collection to happen and then were able to start using Applixure.”

Steve Sumner

Director of IT, Taylor Vinters

"With Applixure, we have become more data-driven and proactive. It gives us a continuously up-to-date overview of the state of our computers and helps our team to discover general problems to be fixed. Easy to get started with. Easy to use day to day. And no hassle. Applixure is a pleasure."

Flemming Thøgersen

Team Manager, IT Client Infrastructure

"Applixure turned out to be a tool that helps us both in doing daily maintenance work and planning our weekly and long-term procedures. ITSM system integration allows us to automate maintenance workflows, for example."



Ari Kaislaniemi

Senior Manager,
Murata Electronics

"Applixure allows us to present the main IT development areas and completed actions to the company’s business management. With concrete data, we do not have to base decisions on guesswork."



Mika Viitapohja

IT Manager,

"In case of a business acquisition, for example, Applixure enables us to see in advance the shape, weaknesses and strengths of the acquired IT environment. We can verify the initial situation, take required actions and see the subsequent changes in the environment."

Riku Moisio


"Applixure shows us the up-to-date condition of our computers and applications at a glance. We can present business management all needed information about the IT environment and its health from Applixure’s online dashboards on the fly. Couldn't be easier!"

Jarmo Jonninen

IT Manager,
Business Finland

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