Applixure Analytics

Get visibility of your computers & software, and start providing a great digital employee experience today!


Provide a world-class computer and software experience for your employees


Optimal performance

Minimize functional and performance issues proactively to ensure that employees always have a smooth computer and software experience. 


Always up-to-date

Reduce operating system and software version sprawl so employees have the latest software in use, and your environment is easier to maintain and support.


Secure and compliant

Make sure your user account security, operating systems and software are up-to-date, critical updates are installed and only authorized software is in use.

Start now - get results tomorrow


Get instant visibility of your computers and software

Analytics gathers, analyzes, prioritizes and categorizes all the relevant data and presents it in intuitive, visual, clear way - all in one place

See the state of your environment in real-time: See what hardware & software you have, how they are performing & how much they are used and where the issues lie - in seconds.

Speed up problem solving & trouble shooting: Having all the relevant data – including historical data - in one place makes finding root causes faster and easier.

Stop spending time making reports manually: Use Analytics’ always up-to-date visual dashboards instead.

Show the value of IT: Analytics scoring & trend data make it easy to show how the actions you are taking are making a difference. And benchmark yourself against other companies.

“We wanted to really see below the solve all the challenges we had with our computer environment. IT departments often have a lot of data, however, the data isn’t always useful. Analytics brings the information and analysis of the overall environment together.”

Jussi Erola

Director of IT, GRK Group


Take action based on relevant data

Analytics shows you where issues lie so you can transform your environment into one which is safer & easier to maintain

See where issues are at a glance: Warnings, alerts & scores show areas needing attention. Prioritize those that make the biggest impact.

Identify recurring and systemic computer problems: Analytics turns raw data into actionable data and smart knowledge

Plan projects & justify budget requests based on relevant data – not anecdotal evidence: Know and be able to show the areas that need improvement, and make more informed decisions.

Improve security readiness: Make sure your user account security, operating systems and software are up-to-date, critical updates are installed, and only authorized software is in use.

“Analytics is a great tool for us to show what to focus on.”

Flemming Thøgersen

IT Client Infrastructure, JYSK


Solve problems before they occur

Stop fighting fires. Proactively fix issues so employees’ computers work smoothly. For a world-class IT experience.

Shift from reactive to proactive IT: Analytics transforms your way-of-working from reactive to proactive without you even noticing it.

Focus on more value-adding work: Getting out of firefighting mode means your IT team’s work is more effective, less stressful, and more meaningful.

Improve Digital Employee Experience: Computers run smoothly throughout their lifecycle, so employees succeed in – and enjoy – their work.

Get fewer tickets: Helpdesk can make a greater impact by identifying others with the same issues as those reported and solve them before end-users even notice.

“Applixure has made computer lifecycle management much easier. We are now able to proactively solve problems in our IT environment based on the information we get from Analytics.”

Jussi Erola

Director of IT, GRK Group


Deploy in minutes, get results overnight

Deploy pre-configured agents in minutes, data collection begins immediately - so you can start using your data to save time and money.

Fast ROI: Buy today, start reaping the benefits tomorrow.

Zero configuration, zero maintenance: No configuration, maintenance or IT project needed. Fully automated. It doesn’t get easier than this!

Minimal (if any) training needed: Intuitive visual dashboards. Easy to drill down into the details to get the job done. Clear, clean, easy to navigate UI.

Save time & money: Less time spent digging up data and creating reports. Use your time and effort making real improvements not figuring out the situation. Work smarter not harder.

No on-premise infrastructure needed: Applixure Analytics is a SaaS solution.

“Analytics was off-the shelf, ready to use. Easy to get started with. Easy to use day-to-day. And no hassle.”

Flemming Thøgersen

IT Client Infrastructure, JYSK


It can't get any easier!

"We were up and running in about 15 minutes: we signed up for an account, distributed the agents, and Analytics started collecting data right away. Definitely one of the easiest and most positive piloting experiences of my career – it was pretty cool!"

IT Director, Jouko Oksanen, Pihla Group