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Customers love the easy set-up and ease-of-use!

“Applixure was off-the-shelf, ready to use. Easy to get started with. Easy to use day-to-day. And no hassle.”

Flemming Thøgersen

IT Client Infrastructure, JYSK

"With Applixure, it’s possible to proactively identify issues which are invisible to almost any monitoring system or workstation – without ever disturbing employees.

Jouko Oksanen

IT Director, Pihla Group

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Monitor, measure and proactively improve how computers and software are serving employees

Applixure’s main dashboard displays existing issues in four categories.
At a glance, you see the most detrimental issues in each category, so you can focus your time on what matters the most.

Applixure Analytics main dashboard

The four categories and some examples of what they track:


  • High memory usage and/or performance degradation
  • Computers with disk near full or full
  • Laptops with battery wear
  • OS version sprawl in computers and having end-of-life OS
  • Computers 1 year change history


  • Frequently non-responding, hanging or crashing software
  • Issues event history
  • Installed software products and product usage
  • Product versions and version sprawl
  • Installation types and install age

Performance & Issues: 

  • Issues trend history up-to 1 year
  • Computer start-up and user logon times
  • Driver and component issues, and missing drivers
  • Disk encryption state
  • Latest OS security update install status
  • Computer users with local admin rights


  • Computer powered-on times
  • Computer daytime utilization
  • Time since last known computer OS restart
  • Estimated energy spend per month and per year for all computers
  • Estimated CO2 emissions per month and per year for all computers


Drill down into the details with a just a few clicks


Applixure’s main dashboard shows you the known systematic issues in your computer environment. From there, you can dig into individual computer or software level information to see more details.

Easy-to-understand interface presents the relevant information


Applixure's easy-to-use user interface presents the relevant info so you can get to the bottom of your employees' computer and software issues. 

See the change history of individual computers


With Applixure’s Rewind to History view, you can easily see each computer’s change history for up to 1 year back.

Software change history including installations, removals, updates and OS updates.

 Hardware change history including hard disks, firmware, memory and drivers. 


Events history including major issues.


Watch 1-min demo of Rewind-to-History >>

See what software - and which versions - your employees have in use

You can easily and clearly see all installed software products and which versions are in use in your environment.

Drill down into software product-level and version-level information

If you want to look at a particular software product just do a quick search to drill down into even more details such as:

  • How many devices it’s deployed in and development trend
  • What is the oldest install age
  • Active use history trend up to one year
  • How many different versions there are in use
  • Which version have issues

And, you can drill down even further to see these same details for each version of the software.

See issues event history

For any software product or version of a software, you can see the issues event history for the past month on a daily level. You can even see what time of day the issues occur.

Built-in Tracking, Scoring, Benchmarking and Reporting


See how you’re improving, how well you’re doing compared to others, and easily generate reports to share your results with others

Tracking, Scoring & Benchmarking

Applixure Scores give you a quick overview of the current health of your entire PC environment, specific areas and individual computer and software assets.

Scores are very useful, simplified metrics that monitor long-term changes and trends in your PC environment. They can be viewed on a month/quarter/half year/year time frame.


1: Overall score

Shows the overall score (scale of 1-5) of your environment and the graph shows how that has changed over time. You can also see how you are performing against the benchmark. 

2: Asset scores

Shows the score of individual PCs in the left-most column. Colors help you to easily spot those which might need help. 

3: Benchmark score

Shown next to your own service score to  see how well you're doing compared to others. 

Development trends

You can also easily follow development trends (month/quarter/half year/year) of each of the known issue in your computer and software environment to see the progress of your efforts to fix them.



Applixure’s dashboards are designed to be visually appealing and easy-to-interpret. They can be used as-such for reporting.



Integrations with IT Service Management and Reporting Tools

If you want to build your own reporting dashboards, Applixure is integrated to Power BI web. Or, you can use the Applixure API and build your own reports in the tool of your choice.

Enable automation capabilities and improve operational efficiency with IT Service Management System integration to ServiceNow and Efecte.

Your Data is Safe with Us

EU-based company with data processing & storage inside the EU

(UK customers' data is stored in the UK)

One-way communication between agent & Applixure

Applixure cannot make any changes to the computers (eg. install software, change settings or run scripts)

Only collects relevant data

Applixure only collects the data shown in the tool

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