Applixure Workflow


Workflow is an easy-to-use add-on which turns Analytics data into concrete tasks which you can assign to members of your IT team.



Make Applixure data even more actionable - with Workflow


Workflow pulls findings from Applixure into a Kanban style board so that you can manage the work in a clear & transparent way: 


  • Assign work cards to members of your team

  • You choose what data Workflow pulls from Applixure: use existing warnings & alerts or create your own customized rules

  • Designed for customers without pre-existing IT service Management (ITSM) system, or for cases where integration with ITSM is too heavy to implement or maintain

  • Managed Service Providers can use Workflow to bring findings from multiple environments into a single view - making management easier

See an overview of all your work items in different workflow stages


Applixure Workflow enables a systematic approach to computer & software management.

Workflow enables IT teams to stop fighting fires, and work systematically and proactively. Workflow provides a clear list of what corrective actions are needed are needed in your environment(s), and you can track how work is progressing. 

Drill down into the details of each work card


Workflow work cards provide all the details you need to ensure that issues are being fixed:


  • See who the card has been assigned to

  • See the due date for when the fix should be completed

  • See which devices/environments are affected by the issue

  • See the progress of the fix

Easily find all devices which are affected by a particular issue

Know exactly which devices are affected by the issue so you know where to target the fixes. 


Managed Service Providers can see the affected devices per environment.

Create rules from Applixure's existing Warnings and Alerts


Applixure's main product creates Warnings and Alerts in the product dashboard. These are all available to Workflow - so if you have some favorites you want to be sure are actioned, you can easily create rules from them.

And create your own customized rules

You can use Applixure's existing Warnings & Alerts to trigger the creation of work cards on your Workflow board, or you can also set up your own customized rules. 

You can build advanced rule chains by using Applixure search syntaxes.

MSPs can choose which environment(s) each rule applies to


Managed Service Providers can easily choose which environment(s) each rule applies to. 

Do you want to learn more about Workflow or test it out?


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