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How Applixure Works

The challenge IT teams face when trying to provide a good end-user IT experience

IT is missing real-time visibility of employees' computers & software

The challenge for IT-teams today is that they do not have the same real-time visibility of  their employees' computers  that they have of their servers and data communications.

So they are using employees as the monitoring solution

The unfortunate result of not having a real-time monitoring solution is that IT teams rely on employees to act as the monitoring solution.

When employees have issues with their computers and software, it is up to them to proactively inform the IT department.

Unfortunately, most issues are never reported

Many IT teams “monitor” their environment through service desk tickets. Unfortunately, less than half of issues are ever reported. Most of the employees do not want to waste time with the service desk if they can live with it or find a way around the issue.

The result is employee frustration and a decline in productivity.

The roadmap to taking your end-user experience from good to great

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Start collecting relevant data to get true visibility of your computers and software

The first step is to deploy a monitoring solution to monitor your computer environment.

Applixure Analytics is a fully automated, easy-to-use SaaS solution that helps IT teams to ensure computers and software are performing optimally, easier to maintain and secure.

The deployment of Applixure Analytics is as easy as downloading an app to your phone. The solution is fully automated and requires zero con-figuration, zero maintenance.

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Manage your operations with the collected data

The next step is to start managing your computer environment with data.

The best practice is to appoint one of your IT-team members to take Applixure Analytics into use and provide five-minute reports of your end-user computer environment in your weekly IT meetings.

During those five-minute reports, your whole IT team will have a whole new visibility of  your end-user computers. You will notice issues that you need to fix immediately but also issues that you need to prevent in the future.

At this point, you have already taken your first step towards proactive IT, which will eventually transform your way of working in the future

#53bbad - 03Start defining your baseline


While you are learning all the new data from your computer environment, it is  recommended that you choose your top five issues or areas that you want to prevent from occurring in the future.

Do not try to fix everything at once.

Follow those top five issues periodically and once you are satisfied with the historical data, you can choose another top five issues to monitor. By doing this you are defining your Baseline or internal SLA i.e., the promise of your IT team to prevent each issue to occur in the future.

You have taken your next step towards proactive-IT even without noticing.


#53bbad - 04Automate collected data into manageable work tasks


After you have defined your Baseline and are familiar with Applixure Analytics data, you want to automate the monitoring so that you get warnings and alerts when your computers are deviating from your baseline.

With Applixure Workflow you can do just that. You can define your own baseline in Applixure Workflow. Workflow will alert you via email when there is a deviation from your baseline and assign a new task to your team.

#53bbad - 05Start collecting feedback from end-users


Now that you have the technical side covered to monitor and manage your workstation environment with data, it is time to start gathering your end-users' sentiment with Applixure Feedback.

When you combine end-users’ sentiment with the technical data, you can finally measure and show the success of your company’s Digital Employee Experience (DEX).

DEX is directly linked to productivity and overall company performance.

Applixure Feedback is a new and unique way for IT teams to stay on the pulse to how their end-users are satisfied with their digital experience.

With visual interfaces for both employees and IT teams, Feedback is enjoyable to use with multiple options on how to survey end-users.

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Take advantage of our Free Trial of Applixure Analytics. Getting started is quick and easy:

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