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Be continuously on the pulse of employees' satisfaction with their digital experience.



End-user sentiment is the missing piece

There are lots of tools and technologies on the market for the technical monitoring and measurement of different areas of IT infrastructure, i.e. the so-called hard data to understand IT functionality.

What those tools miss, however, is the ability to be on the pulse of employees’ satisfaction with their IT experience. Without this key element, you can’t provide a really great IT experience.

But when combined, technically collected data plus direct end-user feedback enables you to truly understand the current state of Digital Employee Experience in your organisation.

Benefits of collecting end-user sentiment 

Satisfaction survey tools today at the market are more designed to measure overall satisfaction but do not provide an understanding of where the problems really are. They cannot benefit and combine technically measured data, and they do not enable the end-users to give feedback on their own when they feel like it. These are key elements to gaining an understanding of what bothers employees the most and where to focus improvement efforts.

With an always-open channel, IT can keep their finger on the pulse of end-user sentiment to:

1. Improve user experience & prioritise tasks

The better we understand how the employees themselves perceive the IT user experience in their daily work, the better IT is able to prioritise things that matter the most for better IT experience.

2. Identify & deal with problems faster

Employees are often the first to notice if something isn’t working correctly. Gathering their feedback can help to identify and resolve technical issues more rapidly. 

3. Boost productivity

Regular, well-targeted end-user surveys are a powerful way to identify productivity bottlenecks that hinder employees' daily work. and thus improve their productivity and satisfaction at their daily work.

4. Increase Employee Engagement 

Asking end-users - and giving them a genuine opportunity to provide feedback - makes them feel heard and valued, which improves their engagement with the employer. 

Pre-defined templates make collecting & submitting feedback easy

With Feedback, employees can submit open feedback or rate their computer experience anytime and as often as they like. 

In addition, the IT team can send surveys to employees – or segments of employees – to gather the information that they need to improve the end-user IT experience.  

Feedback comes with pre-defined templates to make creating surveys fast and easy.

Submit open feedback
Submit open feedback

Employees can submit quick free-text feedback anytime.

Rate computer experience
Rate computer experience

End-users can submit a rating of their computer experience on a scale of 1-10.

Issue survey
Issue survey

IT can reach out to learn more about how an issue has affected users.

Software survey
Software survey

IT can ask end-users for their views on a particular software.

Custom query
Custom query

IT can ask end-users anything they want to. Simply type in the question and define the rating scale.

Key Solution Advantages


Ready templates make creating queries fast & easy: The IT team can collect feedback themselves. No consultants or projects needed. Simply type your question into a ready template, choose your audience, and send.


Visual dashboards for easy reporting: Easy-to-read dashboards show survey results. These include sentiment analysis of comments, trends, and keyword analysis. You can also export the data into your own survey tool for additional analysis.


Fast implementation: The Feedback Client is installed like any other end-user client software. And for Applixure Analytics customers, it’s even easier: automatically deploy the Feedback Client via the Analytics Agent. 

Get your finger on the pulse of your employees' IT experience - start collecting Feedback today!