The 9 Most Common Issues to Fix in End-User IT

If you manage a fleet of computers, you likely have many of the pains and challenges we're going to talk about. Both employees and employers are pushing you for better tools, better experience and better productivity. Some are even talking about experience level agreements or XLAs.

You, on the other hand, may lack true visibility of your computer estate. You have limited resources, so much to do, days are filled with firefighting and security and compliance issues are never as well as they should be.

You have the pain but need pragmatic ways to improve things because you lack resources.

And that's exactly why we are offering these short videos to help you make small but effective changes as quickly as possible.

Now, maybe you feel your computer environment is easy to manage. But if your employees are highly paid professionals such as in law, creative, software, engineering and similar fields, you may need to invest into employees digital tools and how they work way more than an average organisation.

For you, the way these tools work might be a key differentiator and a competitive advantage when fighting for new talent or even keeping them.

If that is your case, you're in the right place. If you are managing thousands of computers, you may have larger IT teams with more resources and tend to do things quite differently. Often though, quite slowly and resource intensively. And this is why many large organisations are also tuning in to these pragmatic and quicker approaches covered in this series.

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