Easy analytics platform that empowers IT to deliver more value with less money

How Applixure helps your IT

Applixure gives you real-time insight into your computer and application environment. Visualized data, easily accessible through a cloud dashboard, makes your IT transparent and measurable. Focus your efforts where they matter the most.

Benefit from next-generation data-driven IT service models, regardless if you are running your own IT department or partnering with a modern IT service provider.

Boost employee productivity and satisfaction

Cut IT costs and improve cybersecurity

Enable data-driven IT service models

Who benefits from Applixure?

Stay productive

with the right, well-functioning digital tools.

Focus on the things that matter the most and keep you motivated.


employee productivity and satisfaction by providing tools that users need and love to use.

Control your business risks by ensuring cybersecurity.


operational efficiency with proactive service.

Get rid of recurring errors. Prioritize resource utilization and development actions.

Speed up

IT problem resolution and issue management.

Increase end-user satisfaction with proactive approach.

What our customers say

"Applixure shows us the up-to-date condition of our computers and applications at a glance. We can present business management all needed information about the IT environment and its health from Applixure’s online dashboards on the fly. Couldn't be easier!"

Jarmo Jonninen, IT 

Manager, Business Finland


"We wanted to demystify our end user experience with actionable data and benchmarking. Applixure delivered.

We now know that Palmia Ltd beats the benchmark!" 

Riku Moisio, CIO 


"Applixure helps us understand the big picture of our hardware and software environment. We can now take proactive development actions and improve end user satisfaction. Applixure's benchmark score gives us a concrete metric to follow.

Timo Marila, ICT Development Manager 

Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY

"The cornerstone of our success is the satisfaction of the end-user. For us, a traditional asset management solution is not enough. We chose Applixure because of its quality data, visuality, and ease of deployment."

Niko Candel,

Development Director at Netox


"There’s plenty of data on workstations, but the key thing is identifying, collecting and presenting the data that matters. Applixure is perfect for this: it measures just the right things and produces clear high-quality reports.

Jan Hursti, CTO 

Midmarket, Fujitsu Finland

"We have been building a strong partnership with Applixure to innovate our product portfolio and find an unparalleled partnership in Applixure to improve our services to our customers and develop new opportunities to our business." 

André Gutierrez, Head of Innovation & Selected Enterprises, GRUPO CIMCORP

"We wanted to develop a new service for producing clear, implementable actions for corporate management. With Applixure, our experts can suggest savings, security improvements and smaller carbon footprints, for example."

Daniel Hietala,

Business Unit Director at Proservia


"Applixure turned out to be a tool that helps us both in doing daily maintenance work and planning our weekly and long-term procedures. ServiceNow integration allows us to automate maintenance workflows, for example."

Ari Kaislaniemi,

Senior Manager at Murata Electronics


How it works

Applixure Agent software automatically collects hardware and software data from individual computers and applications and uploads it to a cloud platform. Applixure collects data continuously and updates information several times per day.

Visualised data is available in the Applixure Dashboard, enriched with business relevant quality scores and trend data. Drill down from top-level overview to the detailed level of information for concrete improvement actions.

Some key features:

  • Real-time and visualized overview of your PC environment.
  • Easy-to-read quality scores for evaluating IT quality over longer periods.
  • Alerts and warnings for issues that require your attention.

Quick and easy - installs in minutes

Zero maintenance - fully automated

Pay per use - no up-front investments

Applixure works with

See Applixure in action

Get started today

Applixure installs in minutes and requires no up-front investments. After the free 30-day trial period, monthly pricing is based on the number of computers connected to the service.

Free 30-day trial

Start improving your IT today.

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We would love to meet you online and talk what Applixure can do for you.

Get a quote

Our pricing plans start at €1.19/PC/month only.

Above monthly price is based on annual billing. Monthly billing plan is also available. Price does not include VAT. For customers in the EU, a local VAT will be added unless a valid EU VAT ID code is provided. Self-service purchase with credit card is available through the product dashboard.

Are you a next-generation service provider?

Do you want to create more value to your customers and differentiate your service model? Do you want to provide sustainable and transparent services?

Applixure partners with forward-thinking IT service providers who want to add customer value by improving end-user productivity, satisfaction, efficiency and security. We want to create a service model revolution in IT by increasing the maturity and value of IT services.

Contact us to discuss how we can together transform your existing service portfolio to create a competitive advantage!

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About Applixure

Applixure is an intelligent, cloud-based platform for analysing and reporting how technology assets like computers and applications are used to help businesses enhance employee productivity, user experiences and asset efficiency.

Applixure works in close partnership with IT service providers and international software houses, helping businesses to enhance employee productivity, user experiences, efficiency and security. 

How can we help you?

If you have any questions about using Applixure, visit our Helpcenter or contact us through the support chat in the Applixure product dashboard.

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