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49% of employees are frustrated with the performance of their digital tools.

Studies also reveal that more than half of end-user's daily problems remain unreported to IT support and are therefore hidden from them.

Yet, the most common mode of operation in IT is reactive, and helping end-users with their problems is based on support requests made.

The prerequisite to start acting proactively is to become data-driven, where IT always has up-to-date visibility of end-user's computers and their applications: what works and what doesn't, how well they are managed, and what their security readiness is.

When you have visibility, you can start fixing issues proactively, and your IT team's operation becomes focused and starts operating more efficiently.

And you can continue further developing your IT teams operation to become even more focused and effective with automation and end-user feedback surveys.

Know what works and what doesn’t. In seconds.

Get instant visibility of your computer & software environment

Find all relevant data in one place - in seconds. Be always up-to-date on how computers and software are serving your employees & where the issues lie.

Applixure Analytics
Applixure Workflow

Start being proactive instead of reactive by automation and orchestration

Automate important data for you – based on easily configurable rules - into actionable and manageable tasks to be completed and see how they are progressing.

Get feedback directly from end users

Have a full 360º view of your company’s Digital Employee Experience (DEX) by also getting employee sentiment data. Truly know how end-users experience IT: what works and what doesn’t.

Applixure Feedback
Get full IT experience improvement toolset easily, quickly and effectively!

Installs in a breeze

Applixure’s SaaS tools are quick to install. Single tools in minutes. Whole toolset in a day.


Easy as can be

Get DEX tools that provides access to all the relevant information in seconds.  No training, configuration or maintenance needed. 


Results in a snap

When tools are installed you start getting immediate value. Your IT team becomes data-driven, proactive and efficient with a clear focus.

What our customers say?


"You will find very quickly that Applixure becomes core to your team from troubleshooting hardware and software issues to looking at when systems need replacing, and so on. Applixure is there to make you more proactive and is a real benefit to your company.”

- Gursewak Dusanjh, Head of IT, Coyle Personnel


“Applixure brings the information and analysis of the overall environment together. You don't have to look at one computer at a time to see what the situation is but can see the whole picture. Armed with that view, we can then take measures to solve the problems."

- Jussi Erola, Director of IT, GRK Group

Pihla Group Oy

"Not everyone reports their computer issues to IT... When you can see and respond to computer issues without employees needing to report them, you can avoid such drops in productivity, and that is a concrete financial benefit.”

- Jouko Oksanen, IT Director, Pihla Group

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Forget big deployments, forget training, forget spending all your budget.

Provide your employees with top-notch service that your IT team can be proud of. Fix issues before end-users even notice them – so they can be their most productive.

With Applixure, deploy today and start improving your DEX tomorrow. No training needed. Zero configuration. Zero maintenance.

*EMARadarTM for Digital Employee Experience Managment (DEX) 2022