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Sell more, work smarter, and keep your customers & their employees happier

IT Management tools are great, but not for easy up-to-date visibility.  Service Desk tickets offer some clues, but not the full picture. To best serve your customers, you need up-to-date visibility of their computers and software and actionable data. 

Computers and software have performance issues that disrupt work, frustrate customers, and thus incur additional maintenance costs. Using traditional models, it is difficult and laborious to get a holistic picture of MSP customer environments.

MSP customers just want everything to work - always, flawlessly, and immediately. A good IT partner must be able to monitor, measure, report and provide more proactive services.  Applixure provides actionable data which enables our partners to work more proactively with customers, and this has significantly improved their business performance. 

Are you an MSP looking to sell more and serve your customers better? If so, Applixure Partner Success Team can help you take both your Sales and IT Services to a whole new level. 

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Applixure in a nutshell

  • Applixure is an IT monitoring tool which gives you always up-to-date information on the status of the computers and software in each customer environment. It works alongside your IT Management tools allowing you to get even more out of them.
  • Applixure is a SaaS solution. It is quick to implement and easy to use. Start reaping the benefits almost overnight!
  • MSP benefits include increased product & service sales, faster sales cycles, stronger & longer customer relationships, and the ability to shift from reactive to proactive (fewer tickets & less firefighting!)
  • Applixure has extensive experience partnering with MSPs. We are always looking for new forward-thinking MSPs to work with!

Benefits of using Applixure in the environments you manage

ICON_contract Sell more, faster


"Service Providers who use Applixure to its full potential are really at a competitive advantage. The data from Applixure enables a Managed Service Provider to provide better customer service, sell projects which improve the customer environments, and speed up their sales cycle." - Marko Nousiainen, Global VoiceLink

Data as a Sales tool:

  • Applixure offers data that can be used to make selling easier. For example, recommending to a customer that they need to replace old computers is much more convincing when you can show that those computers are having issues that are hindering employees' productivity.
  • Information about the customer's development targets offers the IT service provider the opportunity for continuous additional sales. Customer satisfaction increases when everything works better and the status of things is reported professionally.
  • In addition, when you have up-to-date data about the environment, it is easier to make concrete suggestions of what to do next, and how to improve the customer environment in the long run.


New customer acquisition:

Our more innovative MSP partners use Applixure to help in new customer acquisition. Here are a couple of examples of how:

Analysis of customer environment

 If a prospect is unsure of what services they actually need from a managed service provider, Global VoiceLink will offer to do an analysis of their environment using Applixure. The results are usually met with a “wow” kind of reaction from the prospect, as they see for the first time things in their environment that they were completely unaware of. Once the state of the computers and software is clear to both parties, agreeing a way forward together is fairly straightforward.

Read the full Global VoiceLink case study >

Healthcheck Service

Valtti offers a Healthcheck Service. In this service, they install Applixure on the prospect’s computers and provide a report on the state of the environment including their top five findings and recommendations. This enables Valtti to provide the prospect with a concrete plan of how they can improve their environment. This has proven to be a great way to acquire new customers.

Read the full Valtti case study >

Partner with Applixure

Applixure has years of experience working with MSPs who have successfully grown their business and increased sales with the help of Applixure data. Our Partner Success Team will help you get started with a 2 month Starter Pack process for smooth onboarding:

Read about our MSP Starter Pack

ICON_cooperate Minimize churn

Managed Service Providers find themselves competing on price, and that's a tough game with a lot of churn involved as customers chase the lowest prices. The solution for getting out of that downwards spiral is to offer something that the others can't: transparency, selling the right things, and keeping customers' employees happy.

Build Trust with Transparency

Because Applixure is strictly a monitoring tool (and cannot make changes to the customer environment), you can give your customers access to their own environment’s data in Applixure. This kind of transparency is great for building trust. And Applixure’s user interface is so simple to understand that even a non-techy customer can navigate it.  

Sell the Right Things

The data that Applixure provides about the customer environment means that you'll no longer have to guess what your customer needs because you can look at the data to see what the customer has, and where the issues lie. So, you can suggest development projects which actually make a difference.

Keep Customers' Employees Happy

In the end, the customer is interested in their computers and software working well, and minimizing any hassles to the employees and business. Most MSPs wait for end-users to report issues and then respond to them. MSPs who partner with Applixure, however, can proactively maintain the computers and software to minimize issues. 

"We have a 10-person team. We would waste so much time if we worked in a 'firefighting' model – waiting for users to report issues and reacting to them. We would spend our time answering calls from users whose computers are not working or are crashing, and we'd be running around trying to fix things. In our proactive model, Applixure provides us with the data to see where updates are needed and where issues are – before they are ever reported. So, we never end up in 'firefighting' mode."

- Marko Nousiainen, Global VoiceLink

ICON_data 1 Make data actionable and easy-to-use

Though Managed Service Providers have a lot of data in their various management tools, most of it is an unfriendly format. That means that it needs to be further analyzed to tease out actionable insights – and that takes time. What's more, those insights are based on a snapshot, so the information is soon outdated, and you need to start again.

Applixure does that heavy lifting for you: it collects relevant data from your customers' computers and does the analysis for you. What you get is the data presented in an easy-to-read way, with alerts and warnings about issues that need addressing. Our intuitive user interface is something our MSP partners love most about Applixure. And the time savings is remarkable.


“I did a calculation of how much time Applixure saves me [vs. digging into data in our management tools], and it’s about 3 weeks per year! And that’s just me – on top of that are the other members of the team who use it.” 
 Peter Caselius, Head of Device Management, Valtti

Partner with Applixure:

Applixure has years of experience working with MSPs who have successfully grown their business and increased sales with the help of Applixure data. Our Partner Success Team will help you get started with a 2 month Starter Pack process for smooth onboarding:

Read about our MSP Starter Pack

ICON_happy-user Enable proactive customer environment management

One of the most important things for MSPs is to keep their customers happy, and that means making sure that employees experience minimal IT hassles. The best way to minimize hassles is to proactively prevent them – and that’s where Applixure can really help.

Applixure alerts you to issues so you can fix them before they become problems. In addition, if one person reports an issue to Service Desk, you can use Applixure to find others with that same issue and solve those too. Access to actionable data in Applixure means that your team can stop putting out fires and focus on value-adding work instead.

“Now that we’re no longer in reactive mode, we have time to do more value-adding work. Instead of treading water trying to keep up with service desk tickets, we have noticed that the number of tickets has decreased, and we have time to focus on preventing issues and developing our customer environments.”
– Peter Caselius, Head of Device Management, Valtti

ICON_monitor-wheels Future-proof with strong integration capability

One consideration which is important when choosing IT tools is whether it can be integrated with IT Service Management (ITSM) tools. Applixure has a well-documented easy-to-use API. It is also integrated with Power BI web, ServiceNow and Efecte.

In addition, Applixure also offers its own agile and flexible yet easy to use Kanban-style tool - Applixure Workflow - to manage the work when an issue is recognized automatically in one or more customer environments until the support team has fixed it.

“When choosing a tool, integration is important: you want tools that are easy to integrate,” explains Peter. “Applixure’s API is well-documented and easy-to-use. I integrated Applixure with PowerBI myself. It was my first integration, and in 1,5hrs I was already producing reports!”

Peter Caselius, Head of Device Mangement, Valtti


Partner Starter Pack

 Applixure has years of experience working with MSPs on how to use data to differentiate from the competition, improve their service offering, and increase sales. And we want to share these learnings with you in our 2-month onboarding program called Partner Starter Pack

Read about our MSP Starter Pack

You will be assigned your own Partner Success Manager who will work with you to get you up-and-running, and then continue to be your point of contact through the years.


Partnering with us is easy:

You get all these goodies with no additional or hidden fees:

  • Onboarding support
  • Product training - for your technical and sales teams
  • Help Center knowledge base - available 24/7
  • Technical support
  • Expert advice & tips for Sales team


Easy to Deploy

Applixure supports multi-customer environments.

You’ll deploy in less than 10 mins/client. After the initial data collection, you’re good to go. That’s all – no project, configuration, learning or process changes needed.


Straight-forward Pricing & No Hidden Costs

  • Targeted for MSPs
  • MSP volume pricing
  • Monthly invoicing based on number of agents deployed
  • That's it!


Sound interesting?

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Some of our MSP partners' favorite ways to use Applixure

  • To reduce software sprawl
  • To ensure BitLocker protection is on
  • To identify laptop batteries  in need of upgrade before users notice they are failing
  • To troubleshoot using Rewind to History feature
  • To proactively update OS and software - important for security
  • To identify computers with issues which effect end-user experience incl. high memory usage, software hangs & crashes, long start-up times etc.
  • To ensure updates and patches are installed
  • For reporting – Applixure dashboards are visually powerful and can be used as-such for reporting

What our MSP partners have to say

“Ask yourself this: can you really afford not to take a look at a solution like Applixure? Data is king today, and if you know how to make use of it, you will have a competitive advantage. And if your competition is using a tool like Applixure and you are not, then you are really making life difficult for your business.”


Marko Nousiainen

Head of Sales, Global VoiceLink (MSP)

“I recommend using a tool like Applixure. After you’ve been using it for a while you realize how blind you were without it!

If Applixure were taken away from me today, I don’t know how I would be able to continue to provide the level of service that we do because it gives us so much value-add, and customers’ visibility. Don’t be shy – give it a try!”

Peter Caselius

Head of Device Management,
Valtti (MSP)

"Service Providers who use Applixure to its full potential are really at a competitive advantage. The data from Applixure enables a Managed Service Provider to provide better customers service, sell projects which improve the customer environments, and speed up their sales cycle."

Marko Nousiainen

Co-founder & Head of Sales, Global VoiceLink