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Here is a collection of our latest content to help you transform your end-user IT from good to great. It includes downloadable assets as well as webinar recordings and useful videos. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions. Enjoy!

Webinar: Why Digital Employee Experience (DEX) has become a critical focus area for IT leaders

Webinar: Why Digital Employee Experience (DEX) has become a critical focus area for IT leaders

Get up to speed on Digital Employee Experience: what it is & why it matters, the market landscape, and a 4-phase approach to improving DEX.


Digital Employee Experience - booklet

Guide: Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Update

A pragmatic guide to improving Digital Employee Experience (DEX) including practical steps for making improvements.

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Is your IT ready for DEX?

Service: Complimentary DEX Market Update

The Digital Employee Experience (DEX) is becoming a focus for many IT teams. Are you ready? Get up to speed with a complimentary DEX Market Update with one of our DEX Masters.

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9 Most Common Issues to Fix in End-User IT - video series

Video Series: 9 Most Common Issues to Fix in End-user IT

This video series offers quick ways to improve your computer environment: to improve digital employee experience, make it easier to manage & more secure.

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March 2023 webinar - Resource Center - ON-DEMAND - CTA 700 × 300

Webinar: Stop Firefighting! Transform your end-user IT from reactive to proactive

Is your end-user IT tired of fighting fires? Transforming into a proactive IT team is not as difficult as you might think. The simplest way forward is by making use of data. Not sure how to get started? Join our webinar for some ideas of how.

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Is 2023 the year you finally improve your end-user IT?

Webinar: Is 2023 the year you finally improve your end-user IT?

There is a shift going on to more end-user centric IT. You may have heard the term Digital Employee Experience (DEX) - it is on the rise & becoming a focus for companies of all sizes. Learn more about this emerging trend & how to improve end-user ...

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Digital Employee Experience DEX guide

Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Guide

Our DEX guide is the gateway to becoming a DEX master. We've assembled everything you need to know to get started on improving your Digital Employee Experience.

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EMA Radar for Digital Employee Experience Management (DEX)

Analyst Report: EMA Radar for Digital Employee Experience (DEX)

EMA, a leading IT industry analyst, reviewed over two dozen DEX solutions, and identified 9 as providing sufficient functionality to warrant a full review. Download a complementary copy of the report.

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Dec 2022 PROSPECT webinar 720x405

Webinar recording: Take your End-user IT from Good to Great in 3 Practical Steps

Join this webinar to learn what Digital Employee Experience (DEX) is, why it's important, and how to improve it in 3 phases.

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Study results - the most common roadblocks to a well-working computer environment

Webinar recording: the Most Common Roadblocks to a Well-working Computer Environment

Applixure surveyed the computers & software of over 1000 companies, and interviewed IT leaders. We found these common roadblocks.

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Applixure quick tour video 4mins

Video: Quick overview of Applixure Analytics (4min)

Curious to see what all the fuss is about? In this quick video, we give an overview of Applixure so you can see the easy interface, and wealth of actionable information.

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9 Most Common Issues in End-User IT

Video: How to spot issues in your IT environment with Applixure (90 sec)

We surveyed the computers and software of over 1000 companies and found 9 common issues. Watch the video to see how Applixure makes them easy to find - so you can fix them!

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7 Things to Check First to Improve the quality of end-user ITchecklist

Checklist: 7 Things to Check First to Improve the Quality of End-user IT

We asked CIOs & IT Managers what areas they focus on to improve the quality of end-user IT. Download this checklist to see their top recommendations.

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9 Most Common Issues in End-User IT

PDF: 9 Most Common Issues in End-user IT

We surveyed the computers & software of over 1000 companies, and found these most common issues. Make sure your environment is free of these!

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ebook - 5 Key Elements of a Well-working Computer Environment

PDF: 5 Key Elements of a Well-Working Computer Environment

Having a well-working computer environment is not out of reach for any IT team. Read our guide to discover the 5 key elements, and start taking the steps to get there.

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How to take end-user IT from Good to GREAT

eBook: How to Take End-user IT from Good to Great

Great end-user IT teams are able to catch issues before they become problems. And that means smoothly working computers & software for employees AND less firefighting for IT.

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Demo webinar recording - Applixure

Webinar recording: Applixure demo webinar

Applixure provides IT with always up-to-date visibility of how computers & software are serving employees. Come see how useful it can be for you.

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EBOOKS - Becoming Proactive

eBook: Becoming Proactive - How leading IT managers take digital employee experience to the next level

Do you want to provide your employees with the best possible IT experience? Maybe it's time to consider a proactive, data-driven approach. Download our guide to learn how easy it can be!

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EBOOKS - Users love IT

eBook: Make Users Love IT

Learn how to turn your IT into a productivity booster by providing an excellent IT experience to employees.

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