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How to make your end-user IT data-driven and proactive



[Part of The 9 Most Common Issues in End-User IT Affecting Digital Employee Experience video series] 

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Transcript of the video:
In the previous videos, we've gone through the 9 most common issues in end-user IT: those that affect digital employee experience (DEX), those which make your computer environment more difficult to maintain (and leave you and your team fighting fires), and those which affect security and compliance. 

Fixing these most common software and computer issues requires visibility into what is going on in your computer environment - in other words, data. 

In this video, I review the steps to take to go from being a reactive to a proactive (data-driven) IT team. It's not difficult to do. 
Fixing the most common issues your end-users are experiencing starts with gaining visibility of these issues as they are occurring and becoming data driven.

One thing I want to highlight is it can be easy to take the first step with a DEXi made simple product such as Applixure.

Initially, it's usually best to appoint one of your IT team members to take Applixure Analytics, for example, into use, and provide five-minute reports of your end-user computer environment in your weekly IT meetings. During those 5-minute reports, your IT team will have a whole new visibility of your end-user computers.

You'll start to notice issues that you need to fix immediately, but also issues that you need to prevent in the future.

At this point, you've already taken your first step towards providing an excellent end-user IT experience, which will eventually transform the way of working in the future.

In the longer term, improving the digital employee experience at your company will follow these clearly defined stages:

1)    Start collecting relevant data to get true visibility of your computers and software, then
2)    Manage your operations with the collected data. 
3)    Define your baseline.
4)    Automate the collected data into manageable work tasks.
5)    Finally, you can start collecting feedback from end users.

But it's critical not to jump ahead and to start from the beginning and to gain visibility of the health of your computer environment.

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Applixure is a B2B SaaS solution that provides IT with always up-to-date visibility of how computers and software are serving employees. It pulls the relevant data into intuitive dashboards and clearly indicates high-impact yet easy-to-fix issues - enabling your IT to be more proactive. Set-up is quick, so you can start reaping the benefits almost overnight. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Finland, Applixure is trusted by over 1000 companies and managed service providers (MSPs). Give your IT the visibility it needs to improve your digital employee experience with Applixure.
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