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DEX is Coming - Are you Ready?

Is your organization prepared for the revolution in Digital Employee Experience (DEX)? As the world of IT rapidly evolves, DEX has emerged as a critical focus for IT leaders like yourself. The time has come for you to stay ahead of the curve and ensure your organization's success.

Why should you care about DEX? Let's consider the hidden costs of neglecting it. According to a recent Robert Half Technology Survey, end-users lose an average of 22 minutes each day due to technology issues. This seemingly insignificant loss accumulates to a shocking two weeks of productivity per employee every year. Imagine the impact on your company if each of your employees is losing two weeks annually. It's time to address this issue.

But that's not all. Inadequate DEX not only affects productivity but also impacts employee job satisfaction. A study by Ivanti revealed that 26% of employees are contemplating leaving their jobs due to subpar technology experiences. Your organization's success hinges on providing a seamless digital environment for your employees.

Now, here's the exciting part. We are offering a unique opportunity for IT leaders like you to get up to speed on DEX and make informed decisions. Claim your free 30-minute DEX Market Update, where we will dive into:

  • What DEX is an why it's critically important to you and all IT leaders
  • The DEX market landscape - an overview of major studies and key solutions
  • Your DEX Maturity level - how you benchmark against your competitors and the industry at large
  • A pragmatic five-phase approach to improving DEX.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your digital employee experience? Don't miss out on this exclusive offer. Fill out the form below to learn more and schedule your free DEX Market Update:

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Applixure is a B2B SaaS solution that provides IT with always up-to-date visibility of how computers and software are serving employees - to improve Digital Employee Experience (DEX). It pulls the relevant data into intuitive dashboards and clearly indicates high-impact yet easy-to-fix issues - enabling your IT to be more proactive. Set-up is quick, so you can start reaping the benefits almost overnight. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Finland, Applixure is trusted by over 1000 companies and managed service providers (MSPs).