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Spot issues in your IT environment using Analytics

We surveyed the computers and software of over 1000 companies and found 9 common issues. Watch the video to see how Applixure Analytics makes these issues super easy to find - so you can fix them and improve your Digital Employee Experience (DEX).



Discover whether you have hidden issues in your computer environment - with a complimentary DEX Assessment

If you're curious to see what you can discover about your own environment, our Free DEX Assessment is the perfect way to do it. In it, we check for these 9 most common issues, and along the way you're likely to discover a few more things that you were not aware of.  The assessment works for companies who mange their computers & software in-house as well as those who outsource to an IT MSP. 

The Assessment is easy to do, requiring approximately 3 hours of your time spread out over 3 weeks: 

  1. Kick-off meeting (45 mins): deploy Applixure agents - data collection begins immediately
  2. Review preliminary results (1hr): 1-2 weeks after kick-off, share & discuss preliminary findings
  3. Final results (1hr): 1-2 weeks after preliminary review, go through the final results & recommendations. 

To get started, click on the link below to book a time with one of our DEX Masters: