Introducing Applixure Workflow: Streamlining IT Operations with Automation

Published June 28th, 2024


At Applixure, we are dedicated to improving the digital employee experience for our customers with our user-friendly software tools. Now, we are excited to formally introduce Applixure Workflow, an add-on product designed to complement Applixure Analytics. Although Workflow was silently launched a while ago, we want to give it the attention it deserves. 


Workflow empowers IT teams and Managed Service Providers by automating and orchestrating repetitive tasks detected by Applixure Analytics. This easy-to-use tool converts Analytics data into concrete tasks that can be assigned to your IT team members, significantly improving operational efficiency.


Workflow complements Applixure’s bigger vision


When developing Applixure Workflow, we knew we needed a product to help automate and streamline IT operations. With this vision in mind, Workflow allows IT teams to improve their service levels and become more proactive rather than constantly fighting fires. As Analytics gathers large amounts of technical data together, Workflow creates work items that correspond to conditions in the data that deviate from the expected state of affairs. By establishing an environment’s baseline, users can select the most relevant metrics and standard actions that become automated tasks for the IT team.


Workflow complements Applixure’s end-user-centric approach alongside Analytics and Feedback. The overall goal of these products is to provide a complete toolset for improving IT experiences, hence why Workflow is an essential piece of the product portfolio.



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Workflow solves various problems across IT


Applixure Workflow addresses several key challenges. By centralizing all information in one place, Workflow allows IT processes to become more efficient, instead of having to search information across various environments. From the data provided by Analytics, Workflow detects issues based on rules set up for the user organisation. Users can create rules based on Analytics’ existing warnings and alerts or create customized rules based on Analytics’ device data, ensuring no relevant issue is left undetected. These rules can be continuously refined to support ongoing development as the baseline progresses.


Users can now select from Analytics device data what information is most relevant to them - define their own baseline metrics, which they want to be constantly in order - and automate this data into actionable and manageable tasks.


By automating routine tasks Workflow significantly enhances IT efficiency and reduces errors. By ensuring that issues are addressed promptly, Workflow proactively helps improve the digital employee experience.


How Workflow works 


Workflow makes Analytics data more actionable by pulling findings into a Kanban-style board, allowing the IT team to manage tasks clearly and transparently:


  • Assign Work Items: Assign tasks to team members, ensuring accountability and clear ownership.
  • Data Selection: Choose which data Workflow pulls from Applixure, using existing warnings and alerts or creating your own customized rules.
  • Visibility: Easily find all devices which are affected by a particular issue so you know where to target the fixes
  • Multienvironment Functionality: End-customers and MSPs with more than one Analytics environment can consolidate findings from multiple environments into a single view, simplifying management.


Workflow enables a systematic approach to computer and software management, allowing IT teams to transition from reactive to proactive operations. It provides a clear list of necessary corrective actions and tracks progress. Each work card includes detailed information such as assigned personnel, due dates, affected devices/environments, and progress status.

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Workflow Empowering Your IT Future

Applixure Workflow is a powerful tool that transforms Applixure Analytics data into actionable    tasks, streamlining IT operations and improving efficiency. By automating routine tasks and        providing a clear, systematic approach to IT management, Workflow helps IT teams focus on proactive improvement of digital employee experience and security readiness, rather than day-to-day firefighting. 

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