Case: How Sako gained the visibility needed to transition to proactive IT

Executive Summary

Sako Oy, an Italian-owned weapons and ammunition company, lacked a comprehensive view and insights into the health of their computer environment. As the number of the company’s computers increased, IT Manager Ari Kukkonen trialed Applixure Analytics. He immediately saw the benefits. With the data and reports from Analytics, Sako was able to transform their IT processes to be proactive and efficient.



Expanding computer environment required new tools

Sako Oy is an Italian-owned weapon and ammunition company with manufacturing in Finland. Ari Kukkonen has been the IT Manager of Sako for nearly two decades managing the company’s 300 workstations spread across five locations in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.
Previously, Sako lacked a comprehensive view of their computer environment. While they had a rough idea of the number of machines in the company, they lacked detailed insights into the health of their IT infrastructure. Consequently, computer issues were addressed only when users reported problems. As the number of computers grew, Ari recognized the potential benefits of introducing a new tool to streamline Sako’s IT management.


Applixure Analytics trial reveals missing insights

Before the Analytics trial, Ari was skeptical about the quantity and quality of data Analytics could gather from the computer environment. He explains:

"Before that trial, I was pretty skeptical about whether Analytics could offer any benefits because I believed that we had the situation under control. I was surprised when Analytics revealed information that we couldn’t get elsewhere - at least not easily! Sure, some information you might be able to find by digging, but that requires a lot of time and effort."


Initially, Ari pondered whether Analytics was just like other similar products, but then discovered that it offered exclusive and comprehensive information unavailable elsewhere, making it truly unique.

"That trial actually settled it. You can't really see it on the presentation slides and demo. It’s only when you see it in your own environment that you realize how much information you get from Analytics."


The onboarding process was smooth. The agent installation was straightforward, and within a couple of days, Analytics had collected enough data to start seeing issues. Ari describes the experience:

"We didn't have any problems at all. Analytics was even automatically installed in a few problem machines that other software had missed! The entire process was seamless, and very quickly we started seeing the benefits."


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"I think Analytics provides good value for money. The data is so valuable that it's worth paying for. And it’s not only about being able to identify issues and solve them proactively. Analytics also allows us to solve tickets faster because we can see what has happened to the machine.”

Applixure’s valuable data is worth the investment

With Analytics in place, Ari immediately began making improvements to Sako’s IT processes, leveraging the valuable data it provided. The Rewind-to-History feature allowed him to access the installation history of computers, including software versions and available updates. Ari explains:

"We started making changes right away when things came up. Either a computer was fixed or scheduled for renewal due to necessary upgrades."


Including Ari, Sako’s IT department consists of only four employees so their time is precious. Anything that saves time is welcomed, and Analytics has enabled faster resolution of support tickets. Ari describes the positive changes:

"Analytics allows us to resolve tickets faster so employees can get back to work faster. And for the IT team, it feels good to be able to do more."



Analytics enables IT to focus on the bigger picture

Instead of spending time on little details, Ari and his team now rely on accurate data and focus on the things affecting the bigger picture: "With Analytics, it's easier to see the bigger picture. I feel that it can be trusted more than other software I've used – on a few occasions we found some computers that we did not even know about.”
Using Analytics’ Software Catalog, they efficiently manage software updates and bolster information security. Consequently, monitoring firewall status and software updates has become effortless. Ari explains:

"We can now concentrate more on general management where we address practical, routine maintenance problems, whether they are reported by users or not. Everything is easily visible with a few clicks - it's incredible not having to dig for the information anymore.”
"We have made users very happy by noticing that their computers were not working properly and proactively fixing them - even though they didn't ask for it. These users had noticed that something was off but for some reason had not submitted a ticket."


Ari uses Analytics almost daily:

"One of our most frequently used features in Analytics is the Issues tab which highlights problems directly so we can address them faster. When I have more time, I delve into the software side, or into the service scores."


"We have made users very happy by noticing that their computers were not working properly and proactively fixing them - even though they didn't ask for it. These users had noticed that something was off but for some reason had not submitted a ticket."

Unique Service Score feature

Another frequently used Analytics feature is the Service Score. Ari explains:

"The Service Score feature allows us to benchmark our performance against others, which I find useful. I have not previously come across a system like this."


Comparing computers to benchmarks helps identify those needing attention or replacement. Low service scores highlight problematic machines, facilitating proactive service and ensuring user satisfaction.

Rewind to History is a game-changer

Rewind to History has had the biggest impact on Ari’s IT management at Sako. This feature shows major events and important changes to the configuration of the device and you can see up to a year’s worth of history. It can provide insights into computer crashes. Ari explains:
“The Rewind to History feature shows what has happened to the machine in the past year and what software has been updated on it. We actually updated one software during the Analytics trial and discovered that it caused issues in our computers. This was a software that we would never have suspected until we saw the situation via Analytics. That was the key moment when I realized that I need this in the future! "

"Rewind to History has been the biggest time saver. A lot of the other features are great too, but this one has been a game changer."

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Ari Kukkonen

IT Manager, Sako Oy.


Sako Oy: Sako is one of the world's most prestigious rifle and cartridge manufacturers, and a proud member of the Beretta Group. Our long legacy, acclaimed reputation and high quality products are rooted in our employees' unique skills and pride in what they do. We combine the skills and passion of our people with the insights and engagement of our customers to deliver on our vision. 


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