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Is IT handicapping employees with poor equipment?

Competition in the corporate world is much like in the world of cross-country skiing: fierce and international. And in both, it’s the combination of human and equipment that determines who wins the race. Is IT handicapping employees with poor equipment?


Success comes easier with the right equipment

In skiing, success takes an incredible amount of extra effort if equipment is sub-optimal - if the skis or the waxing doesn’t match the terrain and snow conditions. A talented skier can do well – to a point – even without top-notch gear. At least as long as their competitor is handicapped in the same way. But for top results, both the human’s and equipment’s performance must be optimized.


In sports, this need for a winning combination of human and gear is clear. Other examples include car racing, swimming, running – the list goes on. Unfortunately, it’s not so clear in the business world, and many companies equip their employees with underperforming computers and software.


Employees as monitoring tools

When computers and software fail, employees are instructed to call IT for help. This is a reactive way to do things and often the help is too little too late as the work they were doing is lost or the customer meeting that they were in is over. In a reactive IT model, when the issue happens again, the employee may (or may not) call IT again. And on and on this cycle goes. And, according to surveys, over 50 % of employees do not even contact IT for help when facing computer-related problems, but try to fix them on their own or ask a colleague for help.

Work motivation goes down as employees regularly encounter small or larger computer and software issues. The company's goals are not met. And the CEO must make excuses again. That’s when nobody wants to pat the equipment manager’s shoulder. Wouldn’t it be better to avoid employee IT hassles in the first place?


You can’t improve what you don’t measure

As management theorist Peter Drucker is credited with saying “what gets measured gets managed” and that “you can’t improve what you don’t measure”. These certainly apply to digital employee experience.

Digital Employee Experience (DEX) refers to how well computers and software serve employees and help them to succeed at their jobs.

There is no shortcut to success, especially if you’re aiming for the very top. Success is best achieved with a tactic of consistently implementing small improvements. One of the benefits of this tactic is that likely your workload will not increase – you’ll just be working smarter.

For great performance, shift from reactive to proactive

To truly improve the digital employee experience, a shift from a reactive model to a proactive one is needed. This means shifting from putting out fires when employees report issues to taking advantage of data to proactively fix issues before end-users even notice them. Ultimately, this approach will lead to more efficient and cost-effective end-user IT. 

Don’t underestimate the important of good equipment

Employees are the company’s most important asset, and the computer with its software is like their ski equipment: it can either enable them to soar or slow them down. At Applixure, we want to help IT to ensure that employees’ have a real chance of success: an excellent digital employee experience.

DEXI Made Simple

At Applixure, we are passionate about Digital Employee eXperience Improvement (DEXI). We want to make DEXI as easy and accessible to as many companies as possible. We provide the measurements you need to enable excellent digital employee experience.

If yours isn’t yet one of more than 1000 companies or IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) using Applixure, it’s probably time to think about whether you’re making life too easy for your competition. Maybe you should at least take a peek? Visit our product page to learn more>>

DEXi Masters to guide the way

Though Applixure is easy to install and start using on your own, sometimes it’s nice to have a DEXi Master make the journey with you. Your DEXi Master can help you to determine your DEX baseline today and show you how Applixure’s dashboards, alerts and scoring provide actionable insights - clearly pointing you to where you can achieve the greatest improvements. You can book a chat with one of us here >>

I can promise you that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results, just like those 1000+ companies before you. SO ACT NOW and book a chat with one of our team to learn more and start your free trial.

See you on the ski tracks!

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