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NEWS: Applixure now integrates with Efecte ITSM for service automation

It is now possible to automatically integrate computer and application data collected by Applixure with the data stored in Efecte. 

By combining Applixure and Efecte, your IT department and IT service providers can automatically collect and link a wide range of high quality information surrounding the devices and applications maintained within Efecte's Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Automation plays an important role for increasing the efficiency and quality for end user service operations. Integration makes it also possible to automatically create tickets (incidents, problems, changes etc.) for the operational teams working on the Efecte Service Management System and thus allowing companies to fix problems proactively to increase employee productivity and happiness. By combining Applixure’s situational data with Efecte workflow capabilities, customers can start building self-healing operations to take the automation even further.


Applixure data can also be used to increase security readiness and awareness. You can open automated tickets if, for example, Applixure recognizes that the Windows BitLocker is not turned on some of the computers. Continuously up-to-date software data enables you to recognize and report blacklisted software in use. With Efecte’s workflows you could even automate fixes for these issues.


Using device scores, which reflects the amount of Applixure detected issues recognized in each device, you can compare different hardware brands and/or models to each other to see which serves best your organization or use it for example when planning upcoming hardware purchases. When you have a good on-going visibility to devices’ functional quality and performance over their entire lifecycle, you may even start extending their usable lifetime which helps saving cost and saves the environment!


Above you can find but a few sample use cases where good quality data, integrated into your ITSM system with the workflow automation capabilities, can bring major benefits to your organization: better employee digital experience, and more cost effective operating model, two things that are normally opposite goals in traditional IT practices.


The Applixure and Efecte integration is available to all Efecte's customers and is a near plug-and-play integration designed, built, deployed, and maintained by Efecte Integration Service (EIS). 


For more information, contact our  Sales Team.


Read Efecte's news about the integration here.

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