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Track and monitor your web-based applications with Applixure

Applixure tracks all applications that are installed on the computers in your environment. But did you know that it can track and monitor web-based applications too? 


Unlike traditionally (locally) installed software products and applications, web-based applications used through some client application - typically an Internet browser such as Firefox, Edge or Chrome - cannot be found and their usage tracked automatically by Applixure.
For this reason, we have designed a feature by which web-based applications can be included in the software tracking and monitoring in your Applixure environment. When this feature is enabled, they'll be tracked just like any locally installed software found on the PCs, e.g.:

  • How many and which devices are using web application
  • How actively the software is used and by which devices
  • Usage history from 1 month up to 1 year.

Example of web-based application

The feature is based on creating specific profiles for each web application you would like to include for monitoring. Applixure agents will then automatically start tracking for them from your environment.

As Applixure doesn't go inside any client software being used to access these web applications, some limitations exist as to which web applications can effectively be tracked.

Currently, web application usage tracking is only available for Applixure agents running on Windows.

You can read more about web application profiles and creating them in our Help Center article: Using web application profiles to monitor web-based applications >>

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