Customer survey reveals Applixure's main uses and benefits

Applixure customer survey results

An interview survey conducted with Applixure’s key customers provides insight into the uses and main benefits of the data offered by Applixure. The responses highlighted improvement in the basic routines of IT management – the situational picture, management reporting and IT property management. This in turn enables the improvement of predictive IT support and user experience, which are considered important factors.


Applixure collects essential data from a company’s hardware and software environment and processes it into an easily readable format. As surveys show, this is Applixure’s greatest benefit for its customers. Comprehensive real-time data gives IT management the ability to react quickly and to prioritise operations efficiently.


According to the survey, Applixure’s other business benefits included the improvement of the general state of the IT environment and end user satisfaction. Applixure was also seen as beneficial in the traditional IT property management.


The customer survey was carried out in March-April by interviewing the key personnel in customer companies. Companies of different sizes were interviewed for the survey, from organisations with 100 employees to companies with up to 4,000 employees. The survey was conducted by the PR agency Harkansalo & Vesa. 


What are companies using Applixure for?

According to the survey, customer companies use the data provided by Applixure broadly for different purposes. The product was seen to have an immediate effect on the state of the IT environment and workstations.

The following uses were mentioned in the survey: 

  • Development of proactive, predictive IT maintenance 
  • Knowledge management: management reporting and a general view into the current state of the IT environment
  • A better understanding of the user experience based on data
  • Improvement of the collaboration between the IT supplier and the customer based on objective data
  • IT asset management
  • Improvement of information security 


100% of respondents considered that Applixure fulfilled the needs outlined during the acquisition stage, and 78% had found new uses in addition to the original needs. The interviewees gave Applixure a score of 8.75 (average). The median score was 9. 


"Applixure is not a tool for a single task. We collect data from different sources and make it easy to read and utilise. Customer companies will thus be able to utilise the analytics we produce from their own perspective. The customer survey shows how the value of Applixure often changes over time: after the basics have been fixed, it’s possible to tune the IT environment towards a more business-oriented and end user-friendly direction," says Applixure CEO Harri Turtiainen.


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