IT service provider Chilit starts cooperation with Applixure

Finnish IT service provider Chilit starts using Applixure’s cloud service for producing PC telemetry data from customer workstations and software. 

Applixure will help Chilit to detect irregularities, operational errors and performance issues that appear in customers’ PC environments. Applixure helps Chilit to act proactively and predict problem situations and data security deficiencies. With Applixure, potential problems can be prevented before they actually start to affect end user productivity.

When the condition and current state of the PC workstation environment are easy for both parties to check, the IT service provider and the customer can agree on matters related to upkeep together, in good time and on the basis of reliable and unbiased factual information.

“We develop our IT services continuously. With Applixure, our experts and solution sales professionals can proactively create concrete PC workstation environment maintenance and development plans for customers, as well as suggestions for action,” says Mika Huhtiniemi, the Business Director responsible for Chilit’s Pikantti IT life cycle services.

Transparency and continuous measurement has become a cornerstone of providing modern IT services

“Chilit’s IT service production is open and transparent. The cooperation with Applixure gives our customers the possibility to monitor the functionality of their PCs in real time. With instant transparency, we get to challenge ourselves as well to offer better quality every day,” Huhtiniemi continues.

“We offer service providers the opportunity for a new kind of dialogue with customers. Highly competitive markets require a customer-oriented approach. Utilizing information obtained from workstations in a concrete way is a good way to stand out and deepen the customer relationship,” says Paavo Huhtanen, Applixure’s sales director in Finland.

About Chilit and Applixure

Chilit Oy was born out of a love for the IT field and customer service. We produce IT services that no-one else knows how to, has time to or dares to produce. Our customers get all IT services and solutions from us, from the pocket of the user to the cloud. We employ a total of 60 professionals in Helsinki and Turku, Finland. During this year, our turnover is estimated to reach 38 million euros. Chilit is owned by the Finnish investment company Sentica Partners (56%) together with the key people of the company (44%).

Further information Mika Huhtiniemi,, +358 40 195 0022

Applixure, an enterprise device telemetry and analytics company, has developed an intelligent cloud-based platform for analysing and reporting telemetry data from computers, terminals and applications. Applixure works in close partnership with IT service providers and international software houses, helping businesses to enhance employee productivity, user experiences, efficiency and security. The company has offices in Helsinki and Reading (UK), and customers and IT service provider partners in Finland, the United Kingdom, the Benelux countries and Brazil.

Further information Paavo Huhtanen,, +358 40 743 3457


Ari Rahkonen to chair Applixure board, international investors announced

Ari Rahkonen at Applixure Symposium

Applixure, the Finnish startup providing telemetry and analytics for digital tools, is pleased to announce that Mr. Ari Rahkonen has joined the Applixure Board of Directors as the board’s Chairman.

Ari Rahkonen is a well-known figure both in the Finnish startup scene as well as the corporate IT business. After managing companies like IBM Finland and Microsoft Finland, Rahkonen currently acts as Chairman of the Board at Innofactor Plc as well as an advisor for several growth-seeking companies.

“Ari Rahkonen helps Applixure to open new doors and to clarify our focus of serving both corporate clients as well as IT service providers in Finland and abroad,” says Harri Turtiainen, Applixure CEO.

In addition, Applixure announces an international investment from DGS Ventures. Based in São Paulo and New York, DGS Ventures is an affiliate of Cimcorp Group, one of the largest IT service integrators in Brazil. In connection with the investment, Mr. Nana Baffour from DGS Ventures joins the Applixure board. Mr. Baffour has led the growth, acquisitions and strategic development of several energy services and IT outsourcing companies.

“Having Nana Baffour onboard gives us new international experience. Applixure is a global product by design and we’re excited about our entry to the Brazilian markets,” comments Harri Turtiainen.

Finally, Applixure’s board is also complemented by Mr. Petri Rinne, a seasoned technology company advisor and a member of FiBAN, the Finnish Business Angels Network.

All above announcements aim toward the same goal: paving the way for Applixure’s international growth. In addition to Applixure’s long-term UK operations, the company recently announced its entry to the Latin American markets in cooperation with Grupo Cimcorp.

Applixure Symposium with Ari Rahkonen and Tommi Eklund - event summary

Ari Rahkonen at Applixure Symposium

How will the shift toward knowledge work and a fully connected world change the future? These were the main topics at the first Applixure Symposium, held in Helsinki on 22 March 2017.

Applixure invited keynote speakers and IT industry professionals to meet and discuss topics relevant to both enterprises and the entire society. Common themes that ran across all presentations were transparency, productivity and the need to enable co-operation.

The presenters at the event included Ari Rahkonen (Senior Advisor and a professional board member), Tommi Eklund (Head of IoT and Offering and Development at Elisa Plc) and Harri Turtiainen, Applixure CEO.

Ari Rahkonen: “Knowledge workers must make their work transparent”

Knowledge work is not done in isolation: we need to constantly communicate about our work and status to others, increasingly often across organizational borders. According to Ari Rahkonen, successful companies need to create a culture that supports transparency, which is needed to foster innovation and co-operation.

The topic of transparency raised a lot of discussion. According to the participants, transparency extends from public communication (through social media, for example) to partner communication and all the way to transparent business models. Technology is a factor, too, with security policies limiting the ability to share data outside company firewalls, for example.

Another major topic in Mr. Rahkonen’s presentation was knowledge worker satisfaction and productivity. Tomorrow’s workers expect their everyday tools to function perfectly. Companies should create a flexible, efficient work environment that enables employees to succeed.

A key part of a good environment are well-working digital tools that connect to the network.

Tommi Eklund: “Don’t let technology get in the way of people’s work”

Tommi Eklund’s presentation took a look at past, present and future technologies. Emerging technologies are adopted at an increasingly fast pace, though at the same time many of those technologies become transparent for regular users. One of Mr. Eklund’s points was that, in fact, one of IT professionals’ tasks is to ensure that technology never gets in the way of everyday life.

One of the blooming new technologies is IoT – the Internet of Things. In fact, the technology has already gained maturity quickly across the board, from dairy farms to smart machinery cutting down timber in a remote forest. The key thing is to understand how IoT and smart sensors, for example, really help boost your productivity – what data matters to you and why.

Elisa Ltd is a leading supplier of IoT services. According to Mr. Eklund, Elisa’s strategy is not to do everything on its own but rather to partner up with leading companies in the field. The need for co-operation calls for both transparency and openness, but also for the technical abilities for limiting access to networked data when needed.

Harri Turtiainen: “Make sure your employees’ productivity tools really work”

After a look into the future of the connected world, Applixure’s CEO Harri Turtiainen turned the focus back to today’s workplaces and the lives of millions of employees.

“Studies show that each week, the average knowledge worker loses 4 hours of work due to computer problems. Many of these issues are not reported – IT managers do not know about the employees’ user experience with their PCs,” said Mr. Turtiainen.

Applixure’s solution allows companies to quickly assess the overall health of their PC environment and also to identify individual problems on workstations or laptops.

According to Mr. Turtiainen, transparency is one of Applixure’s design drivers. “Applixure enables transparency between companies and their IT service providers, for example. Both have access to the same data, presented in a visual, simple dashboard. Applixure allows both companies and service providers to take their game to the next level, resulting in better employee productivity and cost savings.”

Applixure enters the Brazilian market with tens of thousands of workstations

Applixure, a Finnish software specialist in measuring the functionality and health of computers, is continuing its globalisation. After expanding into the United Kingdom a year ago, Applixure’s latest major initiative is targeting the markets of Latin America. Co-operation with GRUPO CIMCORP, the leading Brazilian ICT service provider, will now bring the Applixure service to tens of thousands of new computers.

Applixure continues to globalise at a rapid pace and GRUPO CIMCORP, the leading Brazilian ICT service provider, has now chosen to incorporate the Finnish company’s software into its service offering. This partnership means that Applixure’s software will expand to tens of thousands of computers used in more than 3,000 client organizations of Cimcorp Group.

“With more than 200 million people, Brazil is the most important market in Latin America, and the progressive, dynamic approach of GRUPO CIMCORP makes it our ideal partner as we expand from market leadership in Finland to encompass global operations,” says Applixure CEO Harri Turtiainen.

Employee satisfaction is a selling point

The strength of Applixure cloud service is how the data it collects is turned, via it’s analytics platform, into smart knowledge with visual dashboards. Whole process is fully automated, service installs in minutes and is easy to use. This enables proactive approach for continuous improvements that not only delivers a substantial advantage when seeking to improve productivity, but also becomes a decisive factor when considering the job satisfaction of employees.

“The Applixure solution combines growing productivity with the improved employee satisfaction and better user experience that we particularly value. The unique approach of Applixure to computers health monitoring has aroused considerable interest here, and we have already secured the first client accounts,” explains Gilberto Caparica, Marketing Innovation & Partners Director at Cimcorp Group.


Applixure, an enterprise device telemetry and analytics company, has developed an intelligent cloud-based platform for analysing and reporting telemetry data from computers, terminals and applications. Applixure works in close partnership with IT service providers and international software houses, helping businesses to enhance employee productivity, user experiences, efficiency and security. The company has offices in Helsinki and Reading (UK), and customers in Finland, the United Kingdom, the Benelux countries and Brazil.

Grupo Cimcorp, one of the top ten leading providers of IT Datacenter and Telecommunication Solutions to the Brazilian economy, with over 700 employees and 3.000 clients has helped customers in Digital Transformation journey.


Vincit boosts its service offering with Applixure

Vincit partners with Applixure

Vincit Group provides its enterprise and public sector clients with various IT services. The services range from software development, service design and ICT services. Going forward, Applixure will be a fixed part of Vincit’s workstation services.

”At Vincit, we wholeheartedly believe that any company’s most important asset is its satisfied personnel. Now that Applixure is part of our workstation services, we and our clients can proactively ensure that company employees have functional and always up to date software and hardware tools,” says Jan Karlqvist, Sales Director at Vincit.

Active service development is vital for IT service providers

”Today, clients demand transparency from their IT service providers. In practice, this means clear, reliable information on the clients’ workstation environments. This information allows practical actions for managing digital tools, boosting processes and upkeeping software and hardware proactively,” says Paavo Huhtanen from Applixure.

”Vincit has a can-do attitude and their ways of working match Applixure’s concept perfectly. We share a joint vision on how IT services should be developed.”

Applixure meets client and IT service provider needs

Applixure gathers important digital telemetry from computer workstations and software applications on the computers. Based on this information, IT service providers or company IT departments can easily focus practical development efforts on the areas with the highest impact and return on investment.

Applixure’s practical benefits include significant reductions in IT spending and increased user satisfaction and productivity due to computers that simply work better.

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