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NEWS: Applixure now available for Microsoft Power BI in MS AppSource

Applixure is now available for Power BI, Microsoft’s suite of business analytics tools for connecting and analyzing data. All Applixure subscribers can now bring their PC environment data, for free, to Microsoft’s tool to enjoy more report customization options.


Published September 13, 2017


Applixure gets early access to Microsoft’s enterprise marketplace

Applixure is among the first vendors to get their Power BI solution published in AppSource, Microsoft’s marketplace for businesses and enterprises. To get the Power BI Content Pack published, Applixure went through Microsoft’s early preview publishing process.


“I think we’re the first Finnish vendor on AppSource. It’s really nice to be listed among other great brands. One of Applixure’s core ideas is making complex data visual and actionable, so Power BI integration and additional customization options are sure to attract our clients,” says Kalle Saunamäki, Applixure CTO.

Microsoft’s Power BI is suite of business analytics tools designed to turn data into insights. Power BI users can connect to various data sources, build customized reports to their dashboards and publish them for their organizations.


Rich, visualized PC data and new customization options

Applixure collects large amounts of hardware and software data from PC environments and combines the raw data into smart, actionable knowledge, presented in a clear and visual manner.


With the Applixure for Power BI Content Pack, all Applixure subscribers can view their PC environment data in Power BI and build custom visualizations based on the data.


IT managers or other stakeholders can build reports for different audiences or views that support specific phases of IT development or support processes, for example.


Easy integration between Applixure and Power BI

Bringing the Applixure PC environment data to Power BI is extremely simple and does not require any coding effort. Applixure data is visible in real-time also in the Power BI dashboard.


Applixure for Power BI is available free of charge to all Applixure subscribers.


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