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NEWS: IT service provider Chilit starts cooperation with Applixure

Finnish IT service provider Chilit starts using Applixure’s cloud service for producing PC telemetry data from customer workstations and software.  Applixure will help Chilit to detect irregularities, operational errors and performance issues that appear in customers’ PC environments. 


Published June 13, 2017.


Applixure helps Chilit to act proactively and predict problem situations and data security deficiencies. With Applixure, potential problems can be prevented before they actually start to affect end user productivity.


When the condition and current state of the PC workstation environment are easy for both parties to check, the IT service provider and the customer can agree on matters related to upkeep together, in good time and on the basis of reliable and unbiased factual information.


“We develop our IT services continuously. With Applixure, our experts and solution sales professionals can proactively create concrete PC workstation environment maintenance and development plans for customers, as well as suggestions for action,” says Mika Huhtiniemi, the Business Director responsible for Chilit’s Pikantti IT life cycle services.

Transparency and continuous measurement has become a cornerstone of providing modern IT services

“Chilit’s IT service production is open and transparent. The cooperation with Applixure gives our customers the possibility to monitor the functionality of their PCs in real time. With instant transparency, we get to challenge ourselves as well to offer better quality every day,” Huhtiniemi continues.


“We offer service providers the opportunity for a new kind of dialogue with customers. Highly competitive markets require a customer-oriented approach. Utilizing information obtained from workstations in a concrete way is a good way to stand out and deepen the customer relationship,” says Paavo Huhtanen, Applixure’s sales director in Finland.

About Chilit

Chilit Oy was born out of a love for the IT field and customer service. We produce IT services that no-one else knows how to, has time to or dares to produce. Our customers get all IT services and solutions from us, from the pocket of the user to the cloud. We employ a total of 60 professionals in Helsinki and Turku, Finland. During this year, our turnover is estimated to reach 38 million euros. Chilit is owned by the Finnish investment company Sentica Partners (56%) together with the key people of the company (44%). Further information Mika Huhtiniemi,, +358 40 195 0022

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