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NEWS: Proservia: Analytics data provides IT maintenance benefits


Proservia, a specialist in Service Desk and remote management services, has developed a new IT environment analytics service that is based on data produced by Applixure. Applixure quickly provides essential information about the state of the end user’s IT environment to support Proservia experts’ decision-making. Provided in accordance with Proservia’s Analytics-as-a-Service model, this unique analytics service can produce operational recommendations as inputs for the customer’s IT service partner, improving the efficiency of IT environment maintenance. 

Published October 2, 2018

Proservia is a modern service partner for Service Desk and remote management services and a forerunner in IT end-user services. Proservia has developed an entirely new kind of service product for its customers: an IT analytics service where Proservia’s experts analyse the state of the customer’s IT environment and produce an evaluation based on the customer’s values and business as well as operational recommendations based on the analysis. Proservia’s experts also forward inputs to the customer’s or its IT maintenance partner’s system, thus facilitating the transition into predictive maintenance of the IT environment.


“After listening to our customers, we wanted to develop a new kind of service that would help utilise available workstation environment data and produce clear and implementable actions for corporate management. Together with Applixure, we found surprisingly many matters where an analysis produced by a team of IT experts creates suggestions for savings, development of information security and, for example, minimising the carbon footprint,” says Proservia’s Business Unit Director Daniel Hietala.


The traditional labour-intensive survey stage required by an analytics service has been fully automated with Applixure. Proservia’s experts always have an up-to-date picture of the customer’s end users’ IT environment to support them.

“Thanks to Applixure, instead of collecting and sorting data, our experts can focus on the essential—making operational proposals that improve the state of the customer’s IT environment. Our customers get well-considered, data-based operational recommendations quickly and easily,” Hietala adds. 


Utilising data and securing the foundation of the IT environment


There is a lot of data available everywhere, but cost-efficiently produced and processed data that can be used as a basis for tangible development proposals has been much more challenging to find.


“Applixure’s strength is high-quality reports that are easy to understand with their scoring systems and dashboards. Without them, efficient analytics would not be possible,” says Hietala.

“When maintaining the IT environment, more attention should be paid to ensure that the foundation is solid. This requires a constantly updated situational picture of the state of the environment that is based on automated data collection, focusing on the essentials and above all, tangible actions based on data. Proservia’s innovative analytics service is an important addition to the market that allows data to be integrated as part of the customers’ existing operations. This service allows efficient utilisation of data on a practical level, which is the key to results,” says Applixure’s CEO Harri Turtiainen.


“Processing data into expert operational recommendations and the subsequent operation of IT maintenance is a chain of events. Improving its efficiency is essential for the IT end user experience. At best, our experts can foresee problems in the environment and create solutions for them together with the customer’s IT organization without disruptions in the end user’s workstation environment. Our analytics service also improves the efficiency of the collaboration between our customers and their IT maintenance partners by producing a clear analysis of the current state as well as development suggestions,” Hietala says.


Proservia’s analytics service will be available to Proservia’s customers from 4 October 2018.


Proservia, a part of ManpowerGroup, provides IT end user services. Proservia helps its customers to produce scalable, high-quality services to their own clients and end users. Thanks to its global organization, Proservia can help both local and international clients. Annually, Proservia supports more than 150,000 end users and processes a similar amount of service requests.

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