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Customer Interview: JTL

Customer Interview with Lee Walker, Head of Technology & Security at JTL

JTL is a leading work-based learning provider in the UK. They have a small IT department that manages over 1000 computers used by employees and students at their training centers. JTL struggled to keep the computers running smoothly. They were unable to forecast issues and found themselves stuck in reactive mode. 

Fortunately, they’ve been able to turn things around with Applixure. With valuable information about the state of the devices, JTL’s IT team can provide a better end-user experience – while saving both time and money.

Watch the 12-minute video to hear the challenges Lee Walker and his team faced, and how Applixure has enabled them to move from being a reactive IT team to a proactive one. 

Lee Walker

Lee Waker

Head of Technology & Security, JTL





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About JTL: Established over 30 years ago by the Electrical Contractors’ Association and Unite the Union, JTL is a charity organisation offering apprenticeships, traineeships, assessment services and professional development training across the electro-technical and mechanical engineering services sectors.  We currently work with 8,000 learners and 3,800 employers across England and Wales in more than 100 locations, including dedicated JTL training facilities in Telford, Hull, Eastbourne, Worthing, Norwich, Carlisle, York, Barnsley, Nottingham, Birmingham, Oxford, Orpington, Maidstone and Ashford. The JTL Group is made up of three separate organisations which are JTL, Develop Training and CompEx.

Applixure is a B2B SaaS solution that provides IT with always up-to-date visibility of how computers and software are serving employees. It pulls the relevant data into intuitive dashboards and clearly indicates high-impact yet easy-to-fix issues - enabling your IT to be more proactive. Set-up is quick, so you can start reaping the benefits almost overnight. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Finland, Applixure is trusted by over 1000 companies and managed service providers (MSPs). Give your IT the visibility it needs to improve your digital employee experience with Applixure.